hornblowerr (hornblowerr) wrote in chanelcole,

Happy Birthday, oh chanelic beauty... ;-D

still in the public eye and remembered by someone at 'The Age' in Melbourne.
and rightly so...

(sure, it's a day late, but I've been busy)

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Happy Birthday to Chanel!
Wtf does "limited success" mean?? Huh?

LOL, glad they remembered though :)
i miss her :(

and yet am too lazy to log in to the board :[
Dear old Chanel.

Season 2 was the best.

The Spook album though, dissapointing :(
The Spook album though, dissapointing :(


I <3 Chanel too, I brought the Album, have the DVD and stuff, but really, the Album wasn't particularly... great.
Sorry to hear you think that, but I adore it.
shame you didn't like it, andrew. personally, I love it!!

Happy Birthday, angelic one!
limited success, sad but true. she burned so brightly but idol was the wrong launching pad for her and in the end did her more harm than good.

she's still deliciousness personified though.