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Howdy, name's Rachel. Have never really posted in this comunity before but I feel compelled to declare that COLESTOCK FREAKING ROCKED!

The best concert I've ever been to! The covers (to name but a few Dream A Little Dream, Summertime, Glory Box, Tear Drop, Venus) were amazing arrangements, and her originals (my faves were The Real World, Counting the Costs, and Snakes and Ladders) were so breaktakingly beautiful! I'm listening to the sample mp3s from cc.cc on repeat right now and she's just so... sigh!

Chanel is such a doll, and so are all her loyal Chanelites :)

Best. Easter. EVER.
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I didn't know you had a livejournal! I love the originals, they're gorgeous.
And nor I for you!

::Friends you::
Easter? Whats easter? I celebrate Colestock this time of year.

i must concur, colestock ruled.
AHHH your experience sounds so amazing! :D *envies madly* I must download her sample mp3s now...
WHAT SAMPLE MP3s??????? *pouts*
I suck. I cant find the original samples. Woe.
They're at cc.cc. Sign up for Chanelite goodness!
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